Homework for the week of 02/19- 02/23/2018


Monday 02/19


Tuesday 02/20

Lang. Arts: None

Pre-Algebra: Slope

Algebra: Dilations

Science: Lobster due tomorrow

Arthropod worksheet

Social Studies: None

Wednesday 02/21

Lang. Arts: COTW ch. 6 packet

Pre-Algebra: Slope/ intercept form

Algebra: Similar/Congruent

Science: R&R 2-3

Social Studies: Ch. 11/ lesson 1 notes

Thursday 02/22

Lang. Arts: None

Pre-Algebra: Slope/Intercept #2

Algebra: Transformations


Social Studies: ch. 11 lesson 2 notes

Friday 02/23

Lang. Arts: COTW chapter 7 packet

Pre-Algebra: Review Slope

Algebra: Butterfly project

Science: Guided Notes

Social Studies: ch. 11 lesson 2 notes